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Introducing Our Signature Publication
that Changes the Way Hospices Talk with
Families About End-of-Life Care

Being present during this difficult time in the lives of people who are navigating uncharted waters of caregiving and the dying process is sacred space. It's truly a blessing to build these relationships and decrease their anxiety while creating a sense of caregiver confidence.

When family members are faced with understanding a terminal diagnosis, caregiving duties, schedule changes, and additional responsibilities, overwhelm often prevents them from retaining the hospice professional's teachings.

We know you can relate to one of our biggest challenges: providing families with information is only helpful if they read it. 

Nature Gave Us Butterflies
  combines comprehensive, updated, engaging information using the meaningful caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis. Story creates a lasting memory of the information, all delivered in a sensitive, caring manner.


A Metaphor of 

Metaphor and story have been used for centuries as an effective way to help others learn, remember, and retain teachings.  Help your patients and caregivers create a meaningful association that accompanies EOL teachings, allowing them to find meaning in their own challenges. 

Nature Gave Us Butterflies combines the beauty of nature and the knowledge of the EOL professional to create a better way to deliver those difficult words you often must convey. We are celebrating and revisiting the basics of heart-centered care by carefully crafting words that not only inform, but comfort, too.



Organized for EOL professionals to teach from, Nature Gave Us Butterflies has a table of contents for quick reference, two sections (Symptoms & Issues and The Chronological Timeline), and gorgeous, inviting watercolor artwork.

The butterfly life cycle is a universal, easily understood, and well-known nature metaphor that symbolizes transformation, comfort, and hope. Metaphors enhance the retention of valuable information.

We give words to the emotional places we, as humans, naturally want to avoid. Our materials convey your care and concern through well-chosen words, relevant metaphors, and beautiful design. 


Practical Application

Maya Angelou wrote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

EOL professionals know this truth down to their core.

We are your partner in care: you provide the talented, sensitive, EOL professionals, and we provide the comforting, engaging materials to reinforce their teachings. It's a dream team waiting to happen.

Together, we can create an environment of encouragement and comfort - an oasis of respite in their world of overwhelm. We create space where we help them feel completely supported - and this they remember forever. 

We are agents of change for those in need. Knowing what to expect from the dying process increases caregiver confidence and decreases caregiver anxiety. Preparation transforms the death experience for all involved.   

Using our materials allows you to provide heart-centered healthcare and hospice services - the way that it’s meant to be.  

of the Story


Our hospice used the same patient booklet known to the hospice industry for years, until we discovered Nature Gave Us Butterflies. As soon as we started using the booklet with our families, the compliments started pouring in! You have provided sound, practical information that is useful in the caregiving process. Combined with the use of the butterfly comparison, the booklet helps the family member understand how they can make the best of a difficult situation. It is absolutely gorgeous, and when the family member reads the booklet, they are so touched by the beauty of the butterfly story. We are so glad we made the switch. These booklets are worth every penny!

Hospice Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we get asked pretty regularly (in case you might have them too).  If you have a question that isn't listed or want more information about one that is, don't hesitate to get in touch.

How often should I send out my bereavement newsletters? 

In our past hospice experience, we sent bereavement newsletters at months 1,3,6,9,and 13 after the death of the patient. When we switched to a more frequent model, the quality of our relationship with the bereavement client improved drastically. Why? Quite simply, the more often you help someone, the more they retain the information and remember your organization and your helpful bereavement counselors. The quality of your program attracts future hospice referrals. Our newsletters have received multiple compliments by surveyors. Sending the Tending Grief newsletter series every other month addresses key grief issues and keeps your organization and services fresh in their mind.

Do you offer same-day shipping?

We offer same day shipping on time sensitive materials. For example, our Winter Holiday newsletter needs to be sent out to arrive to clients prior to the winter holidays, so we make every effort to get those shipped the same day. In other cases, we ship within 24 hours of receiving the order. We do take vacations occasionally and have busy seasons, so during those times there may be a few days before we ship. Rest assured, getting your materials to you is a top priority, and we ship as soon as we can.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, our volume discounts are listed in the pricing table of our booklets and our newsletters. We aim to price our products so that organizations of any size can afford comprehensive, beautiful education materials. Our materials are full color throughout, contain 70% more information than our competitors, are updated regularly, and are priced less than the industry standard to make patient/caregiver information accessible for all EOL organizations. 

How do I get coupons and notifications of sales?

As an online store, we can't emphasize enough the importance of being on our newsletter email list. Any changes, updates, sales, discounts, freebies, new releases and new industry articles are all announced through emails to those who are interested in hearing about the above mentioned. It's our only way of keeping you informed, and it is very handy to receive that coupon just when you need more booklets or newsletters! Many people are also interested in when our new products are released, and we usually introduce them with a discount!

Discounts are ONLY available to our TEND email subscribers – so be sure to sign up here so you don’t miss any savings we offer. 

What is the difference between the hospice and standard editions of Nature Gave Us Butterflies?

The content in both the hospice and standard editions of Nature Gave Us Butterflies is identical, except for the phrasing that is used in the How Can I Help My Loved One sections. For example, in the hospice edition, one of the suggestions would say "ask your hospice nurse about medications that will help with anxiety," where the standard edition will say "ask your physician about medications that will help with anxiety." Either booklet will work for hospice care, but some hospices prefer the Hospice Edition to make sure they call hospice first.

Can I customize my booklet with my organization's logo?

Customizing your caregiver education booklets is for you and your agency if you love the content of our booklet, but still would like a personalized product that represents your agency or organization in a professional and beautiful manner. Customization is available with all of our booklets.

We create a professional booklet that coordinates with your media kit, colors, and company image. Our minimum order quantity is 500. Please see our customization page for more information.


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