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These resources are our way of saying thank you for your work with patients and caregivers. We know end-of-life care can be as difficult as it is meaningful. We hope these resources help lighten the load and brighten your path.  


One of the most challenging issues to help caregivers understand is the needs of the body at the end of life. This free downloadable for your patients and families gently reviews the effects of extra fluid on the body of a dying person, affirms the intentions of the caregiver, educates about the emotions associated with caregiving, and provides suggestions for other methods of comforting during the active dying phase.

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It's challenging to keep up with when your visits are due with a large caseload and varying frequencies. Download our free Visit Tracking Form so you can quickly see your last visit and when your next is due. Download the pdf, and print one sheet for each location/facility, and another for home patients. Group your patients by location, and record your visit dates every day.


We are in the middle of designing a virtual do-it-yourself retreat just for needs of end-of-life professionals to help you recharge and renew even as you serve and care.

When you make a living caring for others, we become comfortable focusing on our responsibilities and  often don't leave time to refill our own tanks.  As professional caregivers, we understand the struggle between the comfort of getting our work done and making time for intentional self-care. We hope this will  give you some beautiful options to fill up the places you pour from every day in service of others.

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